Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Rotten & Stale

While watching the TV, often I think,
"Do I fulfill what my baby son needs?"
Sleeping deep, he smiles in his dreams;
sweet smiles in dreams means not what getting in awake

Seldom I sit back in my couch contemplating,
"Do I give what my wife expects?"
Passing me close she says nothing ever,
but nothing is burden, and it conveys everything.

Once in a while, laying on bed gazing the roof oozes into me,
"Do I do what myself deserves?"
The spook appears in front of me saying,
"Hell! No!! My alter-no-getter."

Today, sitting opposite to the monitor,
I got a spontaneous spark in the depth,
"What am I doing, why and for whom?"
In the muddling mist of sudden silence,
I shut my damn machine off, stood up, and walked straight away
to pat my little boy in swing, to hug my wife at that breaking point,
to check my old thick books, then to dust off my lost credentials.

It could be a striking momentary mood;
Nevertheless for a change, let me shutter the web,
THE WEB, that got into me first to suck me into it at the end.


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