Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lorena! Chop the Bubble Nadu Permanent membership in BOBBITT!!

Lorena! Chop the Bubble Nadu Permanent membership in BOBBITT!!

It is sad that throughout my life I am reminded or going be reminded either "you are a Bubble minority" or "you are a minority Bubble". None of the regions should get any preference in BOBBITT. Except the merits of individual credentials and being part of General Committee there should NOT be any 'special quota'/'special qualification'/'special preference' for any regional group in the Executive Committee of BOBBITT. Each regional body has its own demographic share and weight in the General Committee that elects the Executive Committee.

To my understanding, this clause, "Executive Committee of BOBBITT shall have a Bubble Nadu Representation" is purely a discriminatory one that provides upper hand for certain group of people over the rest in BOBBITT, and I will not hesitate to challenge it by all means in the future through different avenues. If there will not be any valid argument for the inclusion of this clause in the newly elected General Committee, I will look outside the BOBBITT frame for viable options to counter and challenge such discriminatory practice.

I intend to explore the legal avenue to see if BOBBITT - a registered organization in the country I live, Provincias Unificado- can have a clause in its constitution that provides preference to certain group of people on the basis of their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin. When there is no valid reason given for including this clause that was introduced ten years back just after a highly politically pushed and poisoned BOBBITTNet conference, I believe I can argue the discriminatory practice of BOBBITT.

I am sure none can expel nor can make veiled threats of disciplinary action for raising questions on constitution.

Seen what has been happening since BOBBITTNet '99, I think it is any sensible person's moral responsibility to counter the possible loopholes and to shut the dark venues & alleys that provides space and time for backdoor puppeteering by certain people that in turn could deter and destroy Bubble knitting process in the long term. I believe, unless there is any unknown/hidden agenda of the people who included this clause, this is a very serious flaw that would eventually harm Bubble knitting. I still certainly appreciate anyone who can shed light to me on the very reason for the inclusion of this clause.

Also I think 'Member at Barge' category should carefully be (re-)defined for the future elections and GC composition as it has become more of an easy loophole for the perpetual s(h)itting representation of certain individuals in BOBBITT GC to fender-bender whenever they want. As an ad hoc strategy, I am thinking to change my own nomination and also encourage every sensible member to put his/her name into 'Member at Barge' category to expose the absurdity that leads to the misuse of this category.

If we can not fit ourselves to the time, time will hit us hard and fit into its pit.

Let BOBBITT be true BOBBITT rather than a Face-painted-in-Black BOBBITT mimicking 'Bubble Nadu & its tune dancing few Extras' Troupe.