Monday, January 05, 2015

unwanted pidgin

For all the politically charged and invigorated souls with good hearts and quick actions, who, for the past one month,have  tirelessly forward hundreds of lankan election related promoting or demotivating sugar coated materials on behalf of the current or the future High Excellency X or Y or Z:

Please elaborate me how the political, philosophical and moral stands of Maithri, Nagamuwa or Mahinda and their permanent, temporary and opportunist supporters are different when it comes to

1. The Tamil speaking people's right to self-determination in that island,

2. The systematic colonization and militarization of the traditional lands of Tamil speaking people,

3. The atrocities that were done to Tamils during the 2008-2009 war and the suppression and humiliation of non Sinhala Buddhists in the post 2009 era, and

4. The REAL CONTEMPORARY meaning of 'sri lankan'

Have your candidate or as a matter of fact you, who does or does not talk a lot about Sandhya Eknaligoda’s plight or Hirunika Premachandra’s plight talked a single line about Trinco-5 (The five students got murdered six years back) parents’ plights or Vithushika and her mother Jeyakumari’s illegal detention -not even in the Sinhala medium, but at least- among the Tamil speaking people? (Please understand that I do not belittle Sandhya’s or for an extent the politician Hirunika’s plights, but I just want the other people’s sufferings be seen with equal importance)

Will you forward us the promoting materials or quote in the election manifesto on your candidate's stand on the rights of the (religious and ethnic) minorities in the island beyond a sweeping statement?

How much material does your candidate’s social network have? (Don’t you think it is utter stupid when you bombard me with nearly 100% Sinhala propaganda pieces that –most of the time- neither of us (yes, I include you too here :-) ) can understand) 

Will you be open mouth and fingers enough –without washing your hands and tongue off- to comment in public on your current candidate's actions and words in the post-Jan 8 period?

Will you -time to time- let us know (like the way you vigorously promote now) what (re)actions you would take to reach out your candidate to remind his election promises?

Unless you are ready to post or to respond on these issues, I can conclude only one thing; and, you might know it better than me or anybody else.

Others, No Offense! Please continue to post your Christmas, New Year, ended vacation and starting vocation Photos. :-) I  mostly love them, otherwise still like them ;-)

Have a Nice Year Ahead!  (Y)

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