Friday, January 09, 2015

post presidential election philosophy

Instantaneous jokes, momentary rants and intermittent rambling aside, seriously I do not think anything would change for the minorities in that island unless the mentality of the people and rulers shift. The minorities are the ruler makers from the given competing royals for the throne till the coronation; then, the emperors, the empresses and even the empress dowagers always bake and roast the minorities in ovens with the collaboration of the people, who competed to be the kings, the queens, the princes, the princesses and the ladies in waiting.

Until a genuine Sinhala Buddhist  leader and his or her followers understand that the Tamil speaking people and religious minorities have additional genuine grievances than Sinhala Buddhists have as their loads nothing will change; a perpetual vicious cycle.

Until the political oppression as a second class citizens, the ballooned military harassment, the religious domination with a state religion and the boundless power the priests liberally exercise, the demographic alteration through consequent government sponsored Sinhala colonization of Tamil speaking people's traditional lands and fishing seas, gerrymandering of the political boundaries and Bantustans, and the humiliation of the minorities with the victor's arrogant attitudes and activities cease I do not think anything would get straight; mere wax and wane; short term fixings with myopic mindsets for quick political gains. Pushing everything under the "We all are sri lankans" carpet phrase is a diversion not a solution. Mirages are not miracle solutions.

Right, left and middle or Adams and Marx, bring any set of ideologies or any groups of philosophers; no use to clear the polluted air. No philosophy nor theory can merely solve anything without practicing them in reality with measurable outcomes and tangible solutions. One cannot sugarcoat these issues as the result of one-dimensional class, caste, economic, terrorist or any ‘one’s_coined_word’ disparity beyond his or her political punchlines. However, he or she knows well that these issues won't go away unless those who hold the power think and act for the betterment of all including their peaceful existence.

As for minorities (especially, those live outside the country and among them the very special non-participating ostrich diaspora section), they can pretend and ignore the reality, but it would bite them regardless to their physical proximity to that island. They use(d) these issues as excuses for their betterment at least one time in their lives, I assume; thus, they owe to their community, and have a moral responsibility whether they like it or not. They can not wash it off and move on; one can not wash of the birthmark on her back or behind his left ear.

Now, I would stop blabbing on the elections and its consequences with an spectator's eagerness to see the domino effects and how the baton holders of the presidential relay would act after the triumphs and losses.

Lord! I am one hundred days away from tangible solutions! Time to time, the cheerleaders of the new king would confirm or the cheerleaders of the dethroned king would point out them to us, I wish. People are ready to enjoy the feast after the coronation and expect to have a happy life ever after (of course, after a hundred days)

Then, Pandora opened the box, and out came all the troubles known to mortals.

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