Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ஒப்பரேஷன் பூமழை

''அண்ணாந்து பார்க்கிற மாளிகை கட்டி
அதன் அருகினில் ஓலைக்குடிசை கட்டி
பொன்னான உலகென்று பெயருமிட்டால்
இந்த பூமி சிரிக்கும்..
அந்த சாமி சிரிக்கும்...''

||CAB had initially announced that 199 kg of petals - marking Tendulkar's 199th Test - would be showered from a helicopter.

Later, CAB bosses made a revised plan to shower the petals from three two-seater aircraft either on the fourth or fifth day, after the match ended.

"We had booked the aircraft and taken permission from the air traffic control (ATC) for two days -- Saturday and Sunday - for the programme. But we could not do anything as the match took a sudden turn and dramatically ended today," CAB joint secretary Subir Ganguly told IANS.||

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