Wednesday, August 08, 2012

ஃபேஸ்புக்கிலே உருவியது


சுவனப் பிரியன் said...

இரண்டை சேர்க்க மறந்து விட்டீர்கள்

atheist loonies

communist loonies

-/பெயரிலி. said...

ஆனால், atheist loonies do not discriminate among the other loonies, but Islamic/Hindu/Christian/Buddhist/Jewish loonies do: "Only Our loonies have the whole sale right to prey on the others" ;-)

-/பெயரிலி. said...

and, atheist loonies do not go on hit innocents with their own assumptions, abuse, demand apologies and threaten with warnings like the religious loonies do. However atheist loonies damn care and never fear about these religious loonies. The atheist loonies enjoy these religious loonies' free freak shows in their pastime.