Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A liSTory

Everyone has a list
- Your list vs. My list
- You list & I list
- list on own list
- Off list is the Oops! List
- My list is Celebrity X’s sub-list
- I insist it should be in your list too
- List for lust when lust for list
- Kiss a List before List to piss
- Putting a Phrase list makes me
a word hatching nest,
May be, da Dr. Seuss, Jr.

Knox in box.
Fox in socks.
Knox on
fox in socks in box.
Socks on Knox and Knox in box.
Fox in socks on box
on Knox

Your keen listening to my liSTory
Yields nervousness in myself.
I want to tell you… No, warn you,
I never have a list for you
Nor for u, nay for double you,
Unless you want me fake one
Like a woman gets her third orgasm
(Or what it is not)
Within first ten minutes.

You may like pleasing noise, and
Probably, those few minutes in
When Harry met Sally.

I don't have a list,
but I can bake a liest
for you, my friend for the last four mintues,
-in ten mintues,
with a web search

wiggling this way, then
wriggling that way
On dogs,
On books,
On Terriers, and
On Terrorists,
- State, Anti-State,
Anti-Anti-State, and
but that's again, da State,-
in deed.
Oh! Of course,
On Teri Hatcher's too.

If you’re enlisted on any list-yarning list,
and insist,
Take this liSTory as my favorite wish list.
my compliments,
I sign here.

"...a tweetle beetle noodle poodle bottled paddled
muddled duddled fuddled wuddled fox in socks, sir!
Fox in socks, our game is done, sir.
Thank you for a lot of fun, sir."

’09 Jan., 14 Wednesday 01:20 EST


Anonymous said...

ம்ஹும்... எல்லாம் வீண்! தலைவைத்து தூக்குவதற்கு எதுவாக எந்த புத்தகமுமே இல்லை உங்களிடம்.



-/பெயரிலி. said...

என் அந்தஸ்து வஸ்து சாஸ்திரப்படி, புத்தகம் வாங்குகிறதும் ஓர் அந்தஸ்துபடியேனேற்றமே.