Thursday, December 30, 2004


SRI LANKA/Tsunami Relief and status of minority victims

Date: Wed Dec 29, 2004 8:06 pm
Raveen Satkurunathan

I flew back from Sri Lanka just yesterday. Given the geo political and local ethnic situation the only real money and help that will reach the minority Tamil and Mulsim people in Sri Lanka can only be through the NGO Tamils Rehabilitation Orgainsation (TRO)and other impartial NGOs. The National Govt. cannot be expected to work impartially at all given their past and current record.

Many NGOs are staffed by Sri Lanka's majority community who are mostly kind hearted and willing to help but some even under such tragic circumstances are not impartial as can be seen by the diversion of UNICEF food relief from affected minority Tamil and Muslim areas to majority Sinhalese areas by low level UNICEF empoloyees against management wishes. (Confirmed by Canadian Broadcasting Company Radio News 12:00 Noon EST Dec 29, 04 but unconfirmed by UNICEF)

TSUNAMI ... by all the top cartoonists!

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Intrínseco said...

The tsunami was a terrible tragedy.